My design goals were to create a short and linear story in which you learn that you created the whole maze complex, only to enclose yourself in it, experiencing the cycle of infinity. Another assumption was to create a level where there would be no mechanics associated with AI and the player cannot die.

I started creating the level by researching the basic campaign in the game, writing notes, learning editor, creating documentation and concepts. Some puzzles have similar logic to those that exist in the main game. I created the entire layout, then I began to learn the basics of scripting in Lua, and then implement simple puzzles. Another task was to create an atmosphere through light and meshing. Finally, the level was tested by friends. After collecting feedback, I made some final corrections.

Layer 1 – Courtyard Day

Library > Courtyard > Passage > Spike room > Sewers > Mirror room > Exit

Layer 2 – Beach present

Cave > Beach > Old ruins > Altar

Layer 3 – Beach past

Altar > City > Beach > Cave

Layer 4 – Castle past

Entrance > Trap door puzzle > Hallway > Warehouse > Endless corridor > Audience hall > Altar

Layer 5 – Mines present

Altar > Crossroad > Light puzzle room > Push block > Projectile room > Labyrinth > Exit

Layer 6 – Courtyard night

Hidden passage > Courtyard ending